Lillian's Garden

Just when Helen thinks she can take charge of her life, a Devil-hunting itinerant preacher upsets the delicate balance she has managed in a family locked in secrets and headed for trouble.

When Helen breaks down, her husband Richard, angry and ashamed, commits her to a mental institution without telling the children where their mother has gone.
Lillian’s Garden is a novel about failure and finding redemption through learning how to ask for what you want and accepting what love has given you.


Carrie Knowles…creates characters so real they seem to have walked into your kitchen in a town you have inhabited for years.


-Elaine Orr

 author of A Different Sun

I just finished reading your book. Fabulous, the ending

 was perfect and I cried with joy.

-Linda Kimball

You will smile, and cry during this novel that teaches us about loving, understanding, and accepting life for what it is.


-Read A Lot Reviews

I ended up quite sleep deprived at the end of the week because I wasn't able to put Lillian's Garden down. Bittersweet, but beautifully written and I really enjoyed the journey cover to cover. Congratulations.

-Bonnie Jacobowitz