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A Self-Guided Workbook and Gentle Tour on Learning How to Write Stories from Start-to-Finish 

There is no shortage of books about the craft of writing, but Carrie Knowles is that rare artist who can create successful poetry, fiction, non-fiction, advice, reviews, journalism, and even advertising copy. Carrie knows what she's talking about, and the writing prompts alone--at the end of each chapter--are worth the price of admission. No matter how many other writing guides you own, this one will drive you toward improving your craft without getting twisted up in knots. Carrie is a very generous and down-to-earth guide. No pretense, no arrogance.


--Georgann Eubanks, director of the Table Rock Writers’ Workshop and author of four non-fiction books from the University of North Carolina Press

Praise for A Self-Guided Workbook

The self-guided workbook has a conversational tone and energy that made me feel as if I was in a buzzing coffee shop discussing the writing process with an old friend—a very knowledgeable old friend. The short chapters and writing prompts gave me ample opportunity to absorb the lessons; and before I knew it, I conquered many of my own writing demons.


--Tammy Bird, Author of The Book of Promises

I have always enjoyed the weave and weft of a good story, but lacked the knowledge of the structure of the Why and How. Carrie’s advice took me on a learning journey I could both work with and comprehend.  

--Sharon Lee, artist, Brisbane, Australia

Carrie’s no-nonsense, common sense approach to coaching writers is easy to understand and implement. She's a writer's best friend - no dreaded writers circle needed!

--Linda Frenette, LML Consultants

For ten years, I had the wonderful fortune to attend a writing group facilitated by Carrie Knowles. She took each participant’s raw energy and often flagging enthusiasm, rejection is the norm for a writer, and facilitated our love of reading, writing, and creating. As 2014 Piedmont Laureate, she turned some of her wise and generous lessons into blog entries, and now has turned those blog entries into a book and added other lessons. She’ll help you hone your craft while developing a unique voice.

--Trudi Taylor, author

Carrie Knowles possesses that rare gift for breaking down the essentials of self-editing for fiction writers in easy-to-digest chunks that will stay with you for years. In my years of writing and editing fiction, I haven’t yet seen a writing teacher so adept at showing students where to place punctuation in dialogue or express why internal and external conflict is vital for any successful novel or short story.


With Carrie, writers can both understand the trees and the forest! The fiction world is blessed to have Carrie Knowles in our midst.

--Alice Osborn, author of After the Steaming Stops and editor, book coach and writing workshop facilitator

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