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Ashoan's Rug

As it passes from owner to owner, Ashoan’s Rug tells the story of how the work of art is not in the creating, but in how the artwork inspires and changes lives.


Ashoan’s dowry rug was woven from a mother’s dream, bought by a rug merchant, loved by a blind child, prayed on by a priest, left to a housekeeper, imbued with magic by a jaded teacher, found by a handyman, inherited by a shrink, fought over by two lovers, and eventually bid on at an auction by a sister whose brother believed the rug would change her life. How will it change yours?

Praise for Ashoan's Rug

Carrie Knowles is a talented story weaver who knows how to thread a golden tale filled with magic, beauty, and emotion.

-Maureen Sherbondy, author of The Slow Vanishing

 Knowles’s ability to weave ten tight, superb stories into magnificent tapestry is nothing short of magic.

-Jodi Barnes author/editor of Worker Writes

...a finely structured weaving of narratives that transport the reader across decades and continents...I had to stop and catch my breath before I could turn to the next, allowing it to work its magic.

-Judy Goldman author of Losing My Sister

As well woven as Ashoan's Rug is, so is this tale, weaving its threads through various lives from the envisioning of the rug, to it's current owner. So well woven, seamlessly as the story progresses. A most enjoyable read.

-KB, Goodreads

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