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A must read for family and caregivers alike!

-Past Hospice Director of Clinical Operations

The Last Childhood

A Family Story of Alzheimer's




“Carrie Knowles is a talented story weaver who knows how to thread a golden tale filled with magic, beauty and emotion. Like a flying carpet, “Ashoan’s Rug” will lift you off the page and take you on an incredible and unforgettable journey.”
-Maureen Sherbondy

author, Eulogy of an Imperfect Man


“Each story is so convincing and moving, I had to stop and catch my breath before I could turn to the next, allowing it to work its magic, just as the rug brought magic into the lives of these characters.”
-Judy Goldman,

author of Losing My Sister

"A few weeks ago Susan shared your wonderful book with me. My daughter, Mary, and I both enjoyed it. Your characters lived---at times I identified with the mother, at other times, the daughter."
-Elizabeth Connor 


"Past the halfway mark, I couldn't put it down, stayed up past midnight, sobbed over the characters. Now, I am loath to pick up another book, because I can't quite let go of these guys. They captured my heart, in a way that my favorite books do." 
-Beth Browne

Womenswrite, Goodreads Review

 "If all fiction were this good, I'd read more of it!"

-Angela Jamison

"To read this tale is to travel, to walk the streets of wonderful Avignon. Tout  à  fait charmant!"

 -Lynn York, author, The Sweet Life

"Carrie Jane Knowles’s A Garden Wall in Provence is an utterly charming novella about mothers and daughters, about being neighborly, and about the power and importance of fresh bread."

 -Hilary Daninhirsch


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