Fantasy Casting for A Musical Affair

To celebrate the release of my latest novel, A Musical Affair, I have worked with Eric Woodall, artistic director of the NC Theatre, to create an interactive casting game.


Each week one character from the book will be highlighted on my Facebook page. Following a brief bio will be a list of three actors whose names are hyperlinked to their work. The lists for each character were specifically curated by Eric and me. We want YOU to choose whom you believe would best portray the character! 

A pro at casting the perfect person for the role, Eric believes casting is like "solving a mystery."


"I start with the clues of what a writer has provided in the text, then I begin to imagine every possible scenario, which leads me to compile an extensive, creative list of actors’ names. “Who could have done it?” Or better yet, “Who could do it?!” By a process of calculated deduction, I begin to hone in on the most plausible solutions, even if they are unexpected and surprising."

For a chance to win a collection of all eight of my books, vote each week by casting your vote on Facebook and telling us why you chose your choice in the comments. 

Week 1:

CELESTE is a 40 something, recently divorced, ex-society lady looking for a job and a way to pull her life together. Our choices to play Celeste are:

Emily Blunt

Elizabeth Moss

Kerry Washington

Week 2:

MILLIE is 70 something and the eccentric mother of Celeste. She lives on the wrong side of town, prefers to use high-powered binoculars instead of glasses and believes in takeout rather than cooking. Our choices to play Millie are:

Margo Martindale

Frances McDormand

Alfre Woodard

Week 3:

DAVID, 40 something, is CELESTE’S ex-husband and a top real estate broker (who has a flair for cheating on his ex-wife). Our choices to play David are:

Chris Pine

Jason Bateman

Sterling K. Brown

Week 4:

CHARLES is a 40 something scumbag of a lawyer. He is Chairman of the Board of the Chamber Society and cheats on his wife, Lou Anne, by sleeping with his secretary Jessica. Our choices to play Charles are:

Jonah Hill

Terrence Howard

Zach Galifianakis

Week 5:

LOU ANNE is a good-looking 40 something who has kept her college figure, comes from money, hates housework and all that PTA stuff, and prefers being a socialite. The only downside? She is constantly suspicious her husband Charles is cheating on her ...again.

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Lopez

Week 6:

JESSICA, an early 30-something, is Charles's secretary and knows that she's far from the first of his affairs. But don't let the title of her day job fool you. Jessica is smarter than she appears and she has a plan.

Anna Kendrick

Zoe Kravitz

Lupita Nyong’o